7 Days Christmas Tour Cairo, Luxor & Aswan

Magical Christmas Journey: Exploring Cairo, Luxor & Aswan in 7 Days

Enjoy the majestic land of Egypt, where ancient history and modern wonders coexist in perfect harmony. This enchanting itinerary invites you to embark on a mesmerizing 7-day Christmas journey through Cairo, Aswan, and Luxor during the magical Christmas season. Enjoy the awe-inspiring wonders of this timeless destination as you explore iconic sites, indulge in exceptional accommodations, and embrace the rich culture that Egypt has to offer. With professional tour guides, opulent hotels, and seamless transportation arrangements, get ready to be captivated by the land of the Pharaohs, where every step unveils centuries of history and grandeur. Let your adventure unfold as you discover the mysteries of the pyramids, and immerse yourself in the treasures of ancient civilizations. Trips In Egypt team promises an unforgettable experience for many years to come.

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Tour Highlights

Tour Details

Availability Everyday
Pickup & Drop Off Cairo Airport
Tour Duration 7 Days / 6 Nights
Tour Type Christmas Tour

Inclusions & Exclusions

  • 2-night accommodation at 5* hotel in Cairo.
  • 3-night accommodation at 5* hotel in Luxor.
  • 1-night accommodation at 5* hotel in Aswan.
  • Flight tickets {Cairo-Aswan/Luxor-Cairo}.
  • The assistance of our personnel during your stay and excursions.
  • Train ticket from Aswan to Luxor.
  • All transfers by modern air-conditioned deluxe vehicle.
  • The service of meet and assist at all your destinations.
  • Multilingual expert egyptologist guide.
  • All your visits include entrance fees.
  • All taxes and services.
  • International airfare.
  • Entry visa to Egypt.
  • Christmas/ gala dinner “if it is obligatory”
  • Tipping.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Any optional tours.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Be Prepared To Witness Wonders That Will Leave You In Awe

Welcome to Egypt – Trips in Egypt

Upon your arrival at Cairo International Airport, a representative from our travel agency will be waiting for you to assist you with passport procedures. Then, you will be transported to our 5*hotel in a modern private vehicle to check in and relax.

Dinner Cruise

In the evening, get ready to enjoy an enchanting journey of culinary delight as you glide along picturesque waters, savoring exquisite flavors and basking in the mesmerizing ambiance of a dinner cruise on the Nile River.


After enjoying your night, we will drive you to our hotel for an overnight stay.

Meals: Dinner

Overnight: Cairo Hotel

Day 2

Immerse Yourself in the Rich History of Egypt

Cairo Tour – Trips in Egypt

After having your breakfast at our hotel, you will start your second day of our seven-day of Cairo, Aswan, and Luxor, where you will have the opportunity to witness the timeless marvels of this sacred place by exploring the following:

The Giza Pyramids Complex

The Giza Pyramids Complex is an awe-inspiring ancient marvel located on the outskirts of Cairo. The Complex comprises three pyramids—Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, rising majestically from the desert sands and representing the pinnacle of engineering and human ingenuity, while enigmatic and shrouded in historical significance.

The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu 2589–2566 BC. The Pyramid is the largest and oldest of the three pyramids located on the Giza Plateau in Egypt. This architectural marvel stands as a towering monument of 481 feet in height, built with an estimated 2.3 million stone blocks, serving as a testament to the ancient civilization's exceptional engineering skills.

The Great Sphinx

The Great Sphinx is a massive limestone statue with the body of a lion and the head of a human. The Sphinx stands tall, measuring about 66 feet in height and 240 feet in length, displaying a majestic reclining pose with an enigmatic expression that captivates the imagination of visitors from around the world.

The Valley Temple

The Valley Temple is an ancient architectural marvel nestled at the base of the Giza Plateau. The Valley is characterized by its colossal limestone blocks, intricate passageways, and imposing granite pillars, serving as a sacred funerary complex for the pharaohs of the Old Kingdom.

The Grand Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum is a magnificent architectural marvel located near the Giza pyramids. The GEM houses an extraordinary collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including the treasures of Tutankhamun, providing visitors with a breathtaking journey through the rich history and culture of Egypt.

Lunch Meal

Then, you will have your delicious lunch at a Pyramid/ Nile view before visiting:

Saqqara Step Pyramid

Saqqara Step Pyramid is a remarkable architecture located in Saqqara. The Pyramid was built during the 27th century BC by the Pharaoh Djoser. The Pyramid is considered the earliest colossal stone building and the first pyramid ever constructed, consisting of six stacked rectangular mastabas (benches) that gradually decrease in size.

Memphis City

Memphis City is a captivating historical attraction that served as the ancient capital of the country, boasting remarkable ruins and relics that provide a glimpse into Egypt's glorious past. Visitors are drawn to Memphis to immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring remnants of ancient civilization, including the colossal statue of Ramses II.


Then, we will drive you to the Airport to catch your flight to Aswan, where you will check-in and overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Flight: From Cairo to Aswan

Overnight: Aswan Hotel

Day 3

Get Ready For A Truly Breathtaking Encounter In The Heart Of Aswan

Aswan Tour – Trips in Egypt

In the morning, you will have your breakfast and check out of the hotel in Aswan. Then, join your private personal Egyptologist guide for a comprehensive exploration of Aswan's famous tourist attractions such as:

Aswan High Dam

The Aswan High Dam is situated across the Nile River. The Dam stands as a colossal concrete structure, towering 111 meters high and stretching over 3.8 kilometers in length. This engineering marvel serves as a vital resource for irrigation, electricity generation, flood control, and the facilitation of navigation along the Nile.

Philae Temple

Philae Temple is a captivating ancient sanctuary adorned with exquisite reliefs and structures, showcasing the enduring beauty and grandeur of Egyptian architecture. Philae Temple was dedicated to the goddess Isis, its serene ambiance, surrounded by the tranquil waters of the Nile, creates a mystical atmosphere.

Lunch Meal

Then, you will have your lunch at a local restaurant in Aswan.

The Unfinished Obelisk

The Unfinished Obelisk was carved from solid granite, it stands as a testament to the ancient Egyptians' ambitious craftsmanship, measuring a staggering 42 meters in length and weighing 1,200 tons. The Obelisk remains unfinished due to a structural flaw discovered during its construction.

The Nubian Village

The Nubian Village is a picturesque settlement nestled along the banks of the Nile River. With a rich history dating back to ancient times, it is home to the indigenous Nubian people who have preserved their unique culture, vibrant traditions, and distinctive mud-brick architecture for generations.


We drive you to Aswan station to catch 1st train to Luxor. Upon your arrival, you will check in at our hotel in Luxor and overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Overnight: Luxor Hotel

Day 4

Uncover The Hidden Gems Of The Two Banks

Luxor Tour – Trips in Egypt

You will have your breakfast at the hotel, then join your private tour guide to visit some of the most important monuments in the world such as:

The Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings served as the burial ground for pharaohs and powerful nobles from the 18th to the 20th dynasty. With its rich history spanning over 500 years, this ancient necropolis boasts intricate tombs which provide invaluable insights into the art, architecture, and religious beliefs of the New Kingdom period.

Hatshepsut Temple

Hatshepsut Temple is an ancient Egyptian architectural attraction located on the west bank of the Nile. The Temple was built around 1479 BC during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut. This majestic site stands as a testament to her reign and serves as a majestic tribute to the pharaoh's divine and political authority.

The Colossi of Memnon

The Colossi of Memnon are a pair of massive stone statues located on the west bank of the Nile River. The Two statues were constructed around 1350 BC during the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. The statues stood in front of his mortuary temple and were believed to represent the pharaoh himself, serving as guardians of his burial site.

Lunch Meal

Lunch will be served at a local restaurant in Luxor before visiting:

Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple is an awe-inspiring ancient religious complex built and expanded for 2000 years. The Temple was dedicated primarily to the worship of the god Amun-Ra, it features massive columns, intricately carved reliefs, and monumental structures, showcasing the religious significance of ancient Egypt.


Then, you will be transferred to our hotel for an overnight stay.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Overnight: Luxor Hotel

Day 5

A Journey through Time

Ramesseum Temple – Luxor Tour – Trips in Egypt

Have your breakfast at our hotel in Luxor before checking out, then head with your tour guide to visit:

Valley of The Queens

The Valley of the Queens is a burial site dating back to the 18th to 20th dynasty. The Valley served as the final resting place for the queens and other members of the royal families of the New Kingdom, including the illustrious Queen Nefertari, known for her exquisite tomb paintings and intricate burial rituals.

Habu Temple

Habu Temple, also known as the Mortuary Temple of Ramses III, was built during the New Kingdom period of ancient Egypt over 3200 years. The Temple stands as a magnificent testament to the reign and grandeur of Ramses III, showcasing intricate reliefs and carvings that depict religious and military scenes.

Lunch Meal

You will have your lunch at a local restaurant in Luxor before visiting:

Deir El-Medina

Deir el-Medina was a flourishing ancient Egyptian village located on the west bank during the New Kingdom. This settlement was home to skilled artisans and laborers who constructed the royal tombs in the nearby Valley of the Kings.

Ramesseum Temple

Ramesseum Temple was constructed during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses II in the 13th century BC. This colossal mortuary temple served as a lasting memorial to the pharaoh and it is well-known for its impressive statues, intricate reliefs, and its association with the legendary Battle of Kadesh.


Then, you will be transferred to our hotel and overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Overnight: Luxor Hotel

Day 6

A Merry Christmas Journey through Old Cairo

Cairo Tour – Trips in Egypt

Morning time, have your breakfast at the hotel before checking out the hotel before we drive you to the hotel to catch your flight to Cairo and visit:

The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is a treasure trove of ancient artifacts that showcases the rich history of Egypt spanning over 5,000 years. With over 120,000 items on display and stands as a testament to the remarkable civilization that once flourished.

The Hanging Church

The Hanging Church, also known as Saint Virgin Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church, is an ancient place of worship. The church dates back to the 3rd century AD, it is suspended above the ground with its nave overhanging the Babylon Fortress walls and symbolizes the endurance of the Coptic Christian community.

Cairo Tower

Cairo Tower is an iconic architectural marvel that pierces the Cairo skyline with its sleek design and towering height. Rising gracefully above the city, its panoramic observation deck offers breathtaking views of the Nile River and the bustling metropolis.

Lunch Meal

Then, you will have your lunch at the top of the tower of Cairo before visiting:

Khan El-Khalili

Khan El-Khalili is a bustling and historic market in the heart of Cairo. With narrow winding streets filled with colorful shops selling a myriad of goods, from spices and textiles to jewelry and antiques, it offers visitors an immersive and enchanting experience of the traditional Middle Eastern bazaar.

Al-Muizz Street

Al-Muizz Street is a captivating thoroughfare that boasts an enchanting fusion of Islamic architecture, vibrant markets, and rich cultural heritage. Lined with majestic mosques, intricately designed palaces, and bustling souks, it immerses visitors in an immersive journey through centuries of Egypt's captivating history and architectural splendor.


Then, we will drive you to our hotel in Cairo for an overnight stay.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Flight: From Luxor to Cairo

Overnight: Cairo Hotel

Day 7

End your 7 Days Christmas Tour in Egypt

End the Tour – Trips in Egypt

 Breakfast at the hotel then we will drive you to the airport to catch your flight and end your Christmas tour in Egypt.

Meals: Breakfast

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