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Best Tours & Places to Visit From Sharm El Sheikh

Trips in Egypt Friday April 2, 2021

Sharm El-Sheikh is the most notable tourism center in the Sinai Peninsula and has the top diving destinations in the world. Travelers come from all around the world to enjoy the beauty of underwater wonders of the Red Sea especially the waters of the Ras Mohammed Marine Park and this marine really put Sharm city in the first place when it comes to the most beautiful destination to visit all around Egypt. There are tens of diving & snorkeling spots that attract flocks of diving enthusiasts yearly. You will receive the best possible facilities while spending your holiday in Sharm El-Sheikh especially if you decided to have a tour around to other magical Egyptian tourist sites and you will find below some of the most enthusiastic places to visit from Sharm El-Sheikh to have the ability to arrange a truly memorable tour in the land of Pharaohs.

Top 10 Places to Visit From Sharm El Sheikh 2021

Top Tours & Places to Explore From Sharm El Sheikh - Trips In Egypt

1. Enjoy A Magnificent Tour to Giza Attractions

While being in Sharm El-Sheikh, you will be just an hour away from the biggest and the most majestic capital in the world which is Giza city as it has some of the greatest attractions in the world. You can head directly from Sharm to Giza by plane and the flight takes roughly an hour to reach your destination. If you want to use the road option, then you should know that it takes around 5 hours to reach Giza from Sharm. There are tens of exquisite sites wait for you in such a wonderful Metropolitan to visit and enjoy and here are the major highlights that you can visit in Giza:

  • Giza Pyramids Necropolis

This majestic site should be included in the itinerary of each traveler who wants to explore the real magic of Egypt. Giza pyramids complex is the site where many amazing rulers and Pharaohs used to live and have succeeded in establishing a marvelous civilization for them depending on their impressive intelligence and power to do incredible legends. You will find inside the complex the three amazing Pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menquare and it is a fact that the charming Pyramid of Khufu is considered the last remaining of the seven wonders of the ancient world so you really need to visit such a hypnotic site from Sharm El-Sheikh. You will also find in Giza Complex the outstanding Giza Sphinx which is a sign of Power with its amazing body of a lion and ahead of a man and it was mainly built by the son of Khufu to guard Giza Pyramids. That is not all as you will enjoy visiting the Valley Temple which was a truly important site for the ancients where they used to prepare their dead for the afterlife through their mummification and purification processes. The ancient rulers, Pharaohs, and the elites of the ancient time were mummified at that site before being transferred to their last resting place.

2. Incredible Sights in Old Cairo

What best characterizes Cairo city, are the gorgeous countless sightseeing on its old part and some of them are historical landmarks but others are pure religious ones from the different Abrahamic religions. Here is a list of the best places to visit while being in Old Cairo:

  • Islamic Sights in Cairo City

Egypt is an Islamic country and that is why there are many fabulous Islamic sights that you can visit while being in Cairo and witness the glory of Egyptian history and civilization. Among the most-visited attractions in Old Cairo, you will find the first mosque to be built in Egypt, Amr Ibn El-As Mosque, the hypnotic Mohamed Ali Mosque, The mosque of Ibn Tulun, the mesmerizing El-Rifai Mosque, Sultan Hasan Mosque, El-Azhar Mosque, and some other great Islamic sightseeing that you will definitely enjoy while touring around.

  • Coptic Sights in Cairo City

You will find a magnificent collection of the best Coptic sightseeing in Old Cairo just like the Coptic Museum, the Hanging Church that was build during the 9th century, the wonderful Church of St. Sergius & Bacchus, the amazing Ben Ezra Synagogue which used to be a very important church and it has some attractive examples of Coptic architecture, and the gorgeous Church of St. Virgin Mary. You will learn a lot about the history of Christians in Egypt by visiting such great sights.

  • Historical Sights in Cairo City

When it comes to Cairo’s most breathtaking highlights, the Egyptian Museum should be mentioned in the first place as it contains some of the greatest treasures that have been ever found in Egypt either in historical sightseeing or even inside the tombs of the greatest Pharaohs like the young Pharaoh, Tutankhamun. You will also enjoy heading to the spacious Saladin Citadel where you will hear some amazing facts about Egypt’s great rulers and how they used to win their great battles. You can’t be in Cairo without heading to the incredible Khan El-Khalili Bazaar that is a huge open-air market and it contains almost all of what you may need to get from souvenirs, antiques, perfumes, and almost all shopping items.

  • Saqqara Complex

That necropolis is located around 30 kilometers north of the capital and it has some of the most amazing tombs and pyramids where pyramid building in Egypt first began and all of them belong to some of the greatest pharaohs who ruled Egypt during the Old Kingdom just like the superb Imhotep Museum, the masterpiece of Step Pyramid of Djoser, the beautiful Pyramid of Unas, the magical tomb of Nefer-her-Ptah, the double tomb of Niankhkhnum & Khunumhotel, the Pyramid of Teti, the Mastaba of Ti, and the fabulous Pyramids of Dahshur including the Red and the Bent Pyramid. In addition to having the chance to head to the ancient Memphis City that has been the ancient Capital of Egypt during the Old Kingdom and have a look at its spectacular attractions.

3. Have An Unforgettable Tour to Luxor Sightseeing

Luxor city is considered the second most visited city in Egypt after Cairo for the amazing number of sightseeing that you can visit while being there. The best way to head to Luxor from Sharm is to take a direct flight from Sharm to Cairo and then take a flight from Cairo to Luxor and do the same procedure on your way back. Upon your arrival to Luxor city, you will find lots of amazing attractions to explore starting from the glorious Karnak Temples Complex, the astonishing Luxor Museum & Luxor Temple, and on the west bank of Luxor, you will head into an unforgettable adventure towards some of the greatest historical sites including the amazing Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon of the great Amenhotep III, the fanciful Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Valley of the Queens & Nobles, Dendera & Abydos Temples, Deir El-Medina, Medinet Habu, and some other striking attractions you can visit in Luxor during your tour from Sharm to learn some of the most mysterious facts and secrets regarding the Egyptian civilization.

4. Book An Unforgettable Nile Cruise to Check the Best of Upper Egypt

Getting on the board of a deluxe Nile Cruise is considered the true-life adventure for any traveler who comes to Egypt to enjoy the best of it and to spend some unforgettable trips while touring around its hypnotic landmarks. The best and the most option you have from Sharm El-Sheikh is to board a Nile cruise from Luxor and to spend a magical 5 days/4 nights trip in the middle of the Nile while sailing from a wonderful city to another. That way you will be able to visit some of the most interesting historical sites in Luxor, sailing towards the exquisite temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu, and Finally docking in the impressive city of Aswan that contains some really splendid landmarks just like the High Dam, the Unfinished Obelisk, and Philae Temple that are considered the most fabulous sites in the city. You can also have a local tour towards the Nubian Village where you will be able to enjoy a camel ride and also have an unforgettable tour towards Abu Simbel Temples which are considered among the tiptop attractions to be visited in Egypt.

5. Enjoy A Day Trip to Saint Catherine’s Monastery

While spending your vacation in Sharm El-Sheikh, you need to specialize a day to visit the top historical destination in the Sinai Peninsula which is St. Catherine’s Monastery that is located at the foot of Mount Sinai. You will find in this Greek Orthodox hermitage, the famous “burning bush” of the Old Testament in addition to having the chance to visit a museum that contains some of the monastery’s famous collection of the most notable religious icons & ancient manuscripts. While being there, you will enjoy a lot and you can also enjoy a mesmerizing hiking tour to the summit of Mount Sinai.

6. Have A Magnificent Day Tour to Mount Sinai

This prodigious site is believed to be where Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments. The best thing to do while being there is to hike up the summit of the mountain so that you witness the expanse of orange-hued peaks rippling out before you and for extra enthusiasm, you should know that such a hike is actually considered a pilgrimage for lots of people and they actually add a tour to St. Catherine’s Monastery at the same day of their visit to Mount Sinai.

Upon to the top of the Mountain, there are two trails; the Camel Trail and the Steps of Repentance. To do both trails, most tours contain an overnight so that you reach the trailhead in the wee hours of the morning and you can reach the summit in the early morning to watch the sunrise over the surrounding peaks.

7. Enjoy A Visit to Shark’s Bay

You will find at that totally breathtaking site, some of the most luxurious 5* hotels & resorts in Sharm El-Sheikh clustered across its sweep of sand. You will also find there some of the tip-top restaurants & Cafés of Sharm El-Sheikh at the dining hub of Soho Square Center. That is not all as there are also some amazing shops where you can have the best shopping tours while being there without missing out on the buzz.

8. Don’t Miss Spend A Day Tour to the Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is the most notorious diving site all over Sinai and lots of tourists come from different parts of the world to enjoy the best diving excursion there. You should be with trusted divers there and to dive only in the specialized diving spots as divers who stick with their limits enjoy a perfectly safe diving excursion and see some of the most gorgeous types of fish ever on earth. That is not all as you can also enjoy a terrific snorkeling excursion and see lots of fish and corals during the whole time you spend there near the surface.

9. Have A Wonderful Trip to Dahab

We can simply describe Dahab as being the backpacker beach resort of Sinai and along the shore of Dahab; you will find lots of restaurants, cafés, and shopping districts to have a marvelous shopping tour. Dahab contains some of the most magical snorkeling & diving spots and that is why tourists really love heading there while being in Sharm El-Sheikh.

10. Don’t Miss A Day Trip to the Colored Canyon

This is the perfect highlight near Sharm that reflects the natural beauty of the Egyptian desert and you will have plenty of chances for scrambling around the rock faces & hiking fun. If you are a nature lover, this will be the best place to explore the bizarrely shaped pinnacles & boulders.

Where to Stay in Sharm El-Sheikh

Where to Stay in Sharm El Sheikh - Trips In Egypt

We can divide Sharm El-Sheikh into three main destinations; the central part is depicted in Naama Bay, Sharm Al-Maya is to the south, and the magnificent Shark’s Bay is to the North. You will find the best and the most exclusive resorts in Shark Bay and here are some of the most well-known resorts in Sharm based on the three categories of hotels there:

  • For the 5* High Luxury Option: there are “The Hyatt Regency” and “The Four Seasons Resort Sharm El-Sheikh”.
  • For the 5* Average Option: There are “Family-Friendly Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel & Spa” and “Movenpick Resort Sharm El-Sheikh”.
  • For the Budget Option: you will find the best choices in Naama Bay just like “Camel Dive Club & Hotel”.

How to Make the Most of Your Visit to Sharm El-Sheikh

How to Make the Most of Your Visit to Sharm El-Sheikh - Trips In Egypt

  • Enjoy a Camel Safari: take at least a one-hour camel ride trip in the desert to check the surrounding desert plains.
  • Have a Scuba Diver Excursion: You can’t be in Sharm without having a wonderful scuba diving excursion either as a beginner or as a professional diver to check the best of miracles beneath the water.
  • Have a Full Day Mount Sinai Tour: Climb Mount Sinai and enjoy the most spiritual tour to the majestic spiritual tour and don’t forget to visit the Monastery of Saint Catherine.

Have A Fanciful Tours From Sharm El Sheikh

We offer you the most well-arranged excursions from Sharm El Sheikh to the most impressive historical Egyptian cities to know all about the great priceless Egyptian culture and civilization so contact us now “Trips in Egypt” and plan the best vacation with us.

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