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Discover Egypt As A Holiday Destination

Trips in Egypt Tuesday December 3, 2019

Discover Egypt as a holiday destination as there are many things to discover including its sand-covered tombs, its austere Pyramids, and the breathtaking ancient Egyptian tombs that are located in its different Egyptian cities. Through our article, we tried to collect the major highlights regarding Egypt and the most important questions that may come to one’s mind while thinking about traveling to Egypt and arranging to spend the best vacation there starting with:

Best Time to Explore Egypt As A Holiday Destination

Cairo City - Discover Egypt As A Holiday Destination - Trips in Egypt

As long as Egypt is included in the list of the most visited countries yearly around the world, then a question regarding its climate is totally necessary in order to determine what is the best time to visit Egypt and enjoy the most while touring its fabulous tourist destinations.

Winter in Egypt starts from October till May and it is for the majority of travelers, the best possible time to enjoy Egypt’s lovely weather. It gets warm during the daytime and somehow cold at night which permits you visiting all your favorable Egyptian destinations in Egypt without worrying about the weather at all. It is considered a high season in Egypt and costs get much higher than any other season.

Regarding summer in Egypt, it is hot & dry in most of the country and it is not recommended to visit Egypt in summer if you would like to visit Luxor & Aswan or even to board a Nile Cruise as you won’t enjoy at all during the daytime.

Autumn & Fall are the second and third crowded seasons in Egypt with tourists due to the beautiful cool weather that you will enjoy while touring the terrific monuments and sightseeing there. If you would like to visit Egypt, there is an important question come to your mind which is “What to Pack for Egypt“, you should bring with you some light cotton clothing, your sunscreen, a hat, comfortable hiking shoes and drink plenty of water during the day in order not to get hydrated.

Top Historical Places to Visit in Egypt

Egypt Attractions - Discover Egypt As A Holiday Destination - Trips in Egypt

Egypt’s history has always been rich and wealthy due to the incredible achievements of its native inhabitants who were able to leave memorable marks all through the history of Egypt in each Egyptian City. There are some magical Egyptian cities where you can customize your vacation in while being in Egypt and here is a list of the best Egyptian cities to visit with the highlights of each one that you shouldn’t miss:

Cairo “The City of Victorious”

In Cairo, you will get the chance to tour around the prestigious Giza Pyramids, check the most interesting Egyptian Museum, and visit some of the Islamic, Coptic, & historical tourist sites including:

Historical Attractions of Cairo

Islamic Sightseeing of Cairo

Coptic Sites of Cairo

Alexandria “The Bride of the Mediterranean Sea”

The city of Alexandria is famous both as a coastal city and as a historical one due to the fact that it includes a great amount of attractions & landmarks that date back to the Greco-roman period:

Luxor “World’s Greatest Open-Air Museum”

Luxor is known with its east and west banks that are rich with a great collection of the best preserved tombs, temples, chapels, and monuments, you will get the chance to visit:

Aswan “The City of Golden”

Aswan is one of the kind Nubian city that you will enjoy at the most whole touring its ancient attractions that were removed to be secured from the floods of the Nile River. Among the attractions that you can see:

Top Relaxing Sites to Visit in Egypt

Hurghada - Discover Egypt As A Holiday Destination - Trips in Egypt

While being in a gorgeous country like Egypt, there are hundreds of terrific activities that you have the chance to head to and if you are looking for spending the best time relaxing on the beach, enjoying the gorgeous coral reefs, and doing some sea activities with your friends & family then Egypt coastal beaches in Hurghada, El-Gouna, Sharm El-Sheikh, and Marsa Alam will surely get your appeal and will let you have the best vacation in your life. Enjoy a rugged desert beauty above the waterline and explore a multiday outing to one of the globe’s great dives through having a diving excursion or start a snorkeling excursion which is going to open totally new horizons in front of your eyes. You will also have the chance to explore the beauty of Egypt’s vast deserts while getting into a quad bike and start a totally impressive desert safari excursion through which you will watch the sun rise between the beautiful shapes of the White Desert.

Organize Your Egypt Journey with “Trips in Egypt”

So weather you are a male or a female, young or old, you will surely love visiting Egypt to enjoy the hypnotic things that it has to offer. The way of arranging your adventure to Egypt is really simple. Step one, choose the most favorable tour for you among our Egypt tour packages, step two, choose the most convenient date for you to come as all of our tours are totally private and can be customized daily, step three, contact us directly and our tour operators will assist you from A to Z in arranging the best and the most astonishing adventure for you accompanied by one of our professional tour guides to know all about the secrets and mysteries of Egypt’s history, culture, and civilization.

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